Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs answer the questions we’ve been asked at meetings, events, by email or on twitter. If you’ve got a question that’s not answered here, do contact us by email or twitter. We will be glad to answer.

First of all, what does IYWTo mean?
IYWTo stands for “if you want to”.
It’s an invitation to find alternative ways of living that:

  • Reduce our impact on the environment
  • Cut our emissions
  • Help regeneration
  • And save you money in the process
Who creates the content on the IYWTo website and social media?
We have a core team of people and a growing community of enthusiasts and professionals. All registered members can publish projects on IYWTo, post reviews and comments, and rate projects.
How do you find and choose the projects that appear on IYWTo?
We’re always looking for new projects that offer more sustainable ways of living. That’s why we’ve developed different tools to capture innovative projects, like our Chrome and Firefox extensions and the “suggest project” button on the IYWTo homepage. New projects are saved in the directory.

These are the steps in our weekly editorial cycle:

  1. We select a behavioural change: e.g. transitioning to locally grown, organic food
  2. We identify the projects in the directory that can support that change
  3. We analyse in detail how those projects work
  4. We describe succinctly and post them on IYWTo

For example, to help people change from owning a combustion-engine car to an electric one, we find apps that help you locate and use charging stations; choose the right EV for you; rent EV, etc. We share the best projects on our twitter handle, describe them on the website and summarise them on our blog.
How do I find projects that would interest me?
  • Use the “If you want to do something” box on our homepage. There, you can find projects by clicking on the two dropdown menus. For example, you could select “If you want to” REDUCE and then CAR EMISSIONS, you’ll see a summary of the projects that could help you reduce car emissions. Easy! You’ll then see a list of project summaries. Click on one of those and you’ll go to the detail page where you can read more and watch videos about the project.
  • Click on the subject-matter buttons: energy, food, habitat, mobility, things, water.

    • Energy
    • Food
    • Habitat
    • Mobility
    • Things
    • Water

    So, if you want to find projects that help people switch from combustion-engine cars to electric vehicles, click on “mobility”. The list of projects might be long, so click the “more projects” button to see more projects.
  • Browse the projects. At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll see the latest three projects to be published. Just click the “more projects” button and you’ll see more projects. It’s a great way to explore what’s on offer and find something unexpected.
  • Use the list of “Projects similar to this” at the bottom of the project-detail pages. That’s a good way to research a particular area of interest.
How can I contribute to IYWTo?
We’d love you to tell your friends, family and colleagues about us, and show them the projects you’ve found on IYWTo. You can also “like” projects and post your thoughts about them:

  1. To share a project with your family and friends, just click the “share” icon in the top right corner of the project-detail pages.
  2. One each of the project detail pages, there’s a “review” section where you can share your thoughts.
  3. There’s also a “discussion” section on the project detail pages.
  4. You can add a new project to our directory by using the “Have you found a sustainable project” section on the homepage, or by using our Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.
  5. On the homepage, there’s also an “Add a project” button that lets you describe a project by posting text, images and videos.

We think that each project you suggest to us deserves an acknowledgement. So we ask you to log in if you want to add a project.
Can I add projects I am working on, use or find particularly good?
Yes, definitely. The publishing process starts from the bottom of the IYWTo landing page. First, we will ask you to login because we think it is important to recognize the author. You will then be guided through four steps to describe the project, provide more background material and present the people behind the project. You will curate the texts, visuals and videos that best help people relate to the project. On average, it takes about 30 minutes to create a project page, including writing the texts, finding and formatting the right visuals and videos.

As project curator, you will have access to the tools to edit and update the project page.
What do I need to publish a project on IYWTo?
When you use the “Add a project” section on the homepage, you can post the following items:

  1. The name of the project
  2. A lifestyle image that captures the spirit of the project (size 1200x800px)
  3. The project’s logo (size 300x250px), if possible provided by the project itself
  4. A headline that sums up the project (max 100 characters)
  5. The country where the project is based
  6. Some text to describe the project (max 250 characters)
  7. A rating of the project’s maturity, from one (it’s a proof of concept) to four (it’s an internationally established project)
  8. The project’s areas of influence: e.g. social sphere, economic benefit, positive environmental impact
  9. The type of web technology involved: e.g. app, community, website
  10. A video presenting the project
  11. The founders’ names
  12. The project’s mission statement
  13. A video introducing the project’s founders
How do I know that the project details are accurate?
We spend time and care preparing our IYWTo content. And to make sure that each project description is accurate, we share the project page with the project’s owners who can review it and suggest improvements.
Who is IYWTo aimed at?
Much of the inspiration behind IYWTo came from the stories we heard from people who had taken a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle (say, by switching to a renewable-energy supplier) but had stopped there because it felt like too much time and effort.

Our goal with IYWTo is to make it easy to discover new ways to transition and to share the experience.

We believe that a significant number of people are moving, or would like to move, to a more sustainable way of living. For example:
  • There are now 1 million UK homes with rooftop solar panels, from only a few five years ago.
  • UK organic food sales grew 3% in the year to August 2015, while non-organic sales fell 1.2%.
  • UK sales of electric, hybrid vehicles rose 226.5% in 2015, with conventional vehicles only increasing marginally.
  • Sharing services, from hospitality (e.g. airbnb) to mobility (e.g. blablacar),repairing (e.g. restart) and sharing (e.g. streetbank), are among the fastest growing online platforms.

Through IYWTo, we hope people will find and share many more opportunities like these and accelerate the UK’s move to lower-footprint living.
Why should I join IYWTo?
There’s enormous value in joining IYWTo if you want to:

  • Tackle climate change
  • Reduce your environmental footprint and help regeneration
  • Connect with people who share your outlook and sense of urgency
  • Share your experiences and learn from others
Which tools does IYWTo offer to the community?
Our website isn’t just a collection of projects, it’s a forum where people can find, review, discuss and share new projects.

We also offer a set of open-source tools to collect and archive new projects. Our browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox will capture new projects’ URLs and save them to a directory where each project can be viewed, edited and assessed.

We also run the twitter handle @iywt0 to keep people in touch with new projects and initiatives. We write a Medium blog and a Facebook page that keeps the community informed about the best projects we come across.

Our youtube channel is a collection of all the videos and channels that the IYWTo team is following.

Finally, we have a weekly newsletter in which we share the best projects we’ve found, and updates about our progress.
How do I sign-up to IYWTo?
To sign-up, open the menu in the top right corner of the homepage, select “sign up” and choose one of these options:

  1. Sign up using your Facebook or Google identity
  2. Sign up using your email address. We’ll then ask you for your first and last name, your email address and to create a password.

When you sign up, do read our terms and conditions – especially our privacy policy. Respect for personal data is very important to us.
How did the idea of IYWTo come about?
IYWTo came out of the cleanweb meetup in London, which is a collection of entrepreneurs, technologists, activists, researchers, practitioners and enthusiasts who share a concern for climate change and a willingness to drive change using the web.
Where does IYWTo’s funding come from?
In its first nine months (July 2015 to March 2016) IYWTo was self-funded. We have, and are applying for more grants to fund our development. We’re also preparing a crowdfunding campaign for summer 2016. Our aim is that the project should be self-sustained within the next 12 to 16 months.
What are the goals of IYWTo?
The world needs to transition as quickly as possible to a low-impact, low-carbon way of life, and engage in regeneration. IYWTo is our attempt to accelerate this transition by promoting:

  • Websites that make it easy to switch to renewable energies
  • Apps that help us use public transport effectively and access shared bicycles, cars and rides
  • Communities that show people how to repair or repurpose electronics, clothes and furniture
  • Online maps that monitor pollution, weather or deforestation
  • And so much more...
Where does IYWTo operate from?
We are based at the Impact Hub Westminster in London. It’s part of the global Impact Hub network of over 7,000 entrepreneurs working towards sustainable living. It is a shared space where we work alongside some of the most innovative cleanweb start-ups in the UK.
What problem are you trying to solve with IYWTo?
There are so many great web innovations out there (for some examples, see the Cleanweb London Youtube channel). We created IYWTo to map this extraordinary world of innovations, make people aware of them. We also want to provide a forum in which people can present new projects, share their experiences, make observations and suggestions and ultimately promote alternative ways of living that the web makes possible.
What is the technical architecture?
The technology behind consists of:

Front-end stack: Backbone, Express, SASS, Javascript, built with Gulp
Back-end stack: Python, Django, Postgres, Django REST framework, Nginx
What does success look like for you?
We want IYWTo to be the place where people come to find more sustainable ways to do things. We’d like people to learn from each other, exchange experiences, ask for advice and make suggestions. If we can create a diverse, active and lively community, alongside interesting and high-quality content, then we’ll be on the right track.
What is IYWTo business model?
IYWTo is a non-profit initiative that aims to cover its personnel, marketing, technical and administration costs with revenue from our referrals and consulting services to cleanweb start-ups, local administrations and investors.
How far has IYWTo progressed?
The project kicked off in July 2015 and, since mid-October, we’ve been online with a beta website.

Thanks to the great feedback we’ve received, we were able to release a much improved platform. Our effort is now focused on developing a fully fledged UK community bringing together start-ups, academics, consultants, enthusiasts and the public.
What is IYWTo's roadmap?
Most of the IYWTo platform’s functionality has been built. However, we never stop improving on it to make the experience more useful and fun, the navigation more intuitive and the content richer and up-to-date. Our directory contains about 3,000 projects the best of which we are gradually porting to the main platform. The next development is the integration of a forum to enable community-wide conversations and discussions.
How can I contact the people running IYWTo?
You can write to us or tweet us @iywt0. Soon we will have a forum where you can leave your comments and suggestions and chat to other members.
Can I join the IYWTo team?
Yes, from the moment you register on IYWTo, you become part of the extended IYWTo team. If you want to be part of the core team, get in touch. However, there are no open positions at IYWTo at the moment. The core team works on a voluntary basis or on paid, specific assignments.